Kamala Harris Reveals Truth About ‘Biden’s Condition’

Anderson Cooper was visibly concerned as he asked Vice President Kamala Harris about President Joe Biden’s condition after Thursday night’s disastrous debate, asking her if his performance during it was representative of his ability to function on a day-to-day basis via Mediaite.



“I know we have to go. The person we saw tonight, the president we saw tonight on that stage: Is that how he is every day?” Cooper asked Harris during a tense post-debate interview.

“The Joe Biden that I work with every day is someone who, as I have said, has performed in a way that has been about bringing people into the Oval Office, Republicans and Democrats, to compromise in a way that is extraordinary these days, because it just doesn’t happen, but Joe Biden can make it happen,” replied Harris, avoiding the spirit of the question.

She continued:

The Joe Biden I see is someone who goes to our allies around the world and strengthens NATO to the point that there are two new members of NATO who, just about four years ago, people said, “Is NATO even have a reason for existing?” The Joe Biden I know is someone who has delivered 800,000 new manufacturing jobs and bringing manufacturing back to the United States, not shipping jobs out like Donald Trump did. So that’s the Joe Biden I know.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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