Kane In Massive Legal Trouble In Kentucky?

The big red machine decided to ditch intimidating Undertaker’s and has instead opted to intimidate county officials – so it appears. Why? To save his spot in political office, why else. The man who once hid behind a mask, once portrayed a dentist, and once impersonated fellow WWE wrestler, Diesel… Sounds to me like this guy was already corrupt and on the run way back when…

According to Ringside News, WWE Hall Of Famer Kane aka Diesel aka Issac Yankem DDS, is one of the most respected wrestlers in WWE. Kane (his most successful gimmick) competed in numerous matches in his career and was part of several memorable storylines. However, Kane has gotten himself into a spot of legal trouble recently.

Kane, whose real name is Glenn Jacobs, is the mayor of Knox County, TN and has developed a reputation for being problematic. This is largely due to his controversial takes on many matters. He is after all a pro wrestler. What do you expect. The controversy includes Kane’s views on Wade vs Roe – a hot topic of conjecture. Jacobs was allegedly involved in intimidating county official Paul White (not the Big Show) to participate in covering up a scandal where a county-owned golf cart was being privately used by Jacobs’ chief of staff. Doesn’t sound so bad. But wait…

It was also alleged that Kane utilized county employees and public resources for his own personal use. The golf cart use was what began the investigation. However, further efforts indicate that workers being paid on county time were used for work done at the houses of Chief of Staff Bryan Hair, former Parks & Recreation Director Paul White, and even Glenn Jacobs.

Sounds to me like Kane needs to get back on WWE TV programming. There, he can live out his drama’s heart content. And, the WWE could sure use another Issac Yankem DDS run.


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