Kane reveals why he was nervous before unmasking in 2003

The Big Red Machine Kane is not only a veteran in WWE, but a future Hall of Famer as well. While Kane has been popular due to his iconic mask, in 2003 the former WWE Champion has shed his mask to reveal his ‘true’ face to the world.



However, while speaking to Stone Cold Steve Austin on Broken Skull Sessions, Kane reveals that he was very nervous before getting his new look. Kane stated that one of the reasons for him being nervous was that his wife loved his long hair which he had to chop off.

I actually was a little nervous, though, because I hadn’t told my wife about this, and my wife loved my long hair, and I wanted her to see it and be shocked just like everybody else, and she was. So, when I talked to her after the match, that didn’t go very well.

Kane had unmasked for the first time in 2003 after losing to Triple H on an episode of RAW.

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