Kane Says He Misses Wearing The Mask, Whatever Happened To Rico?, Jamie Noble

NorthJersey.com conducted an interview with Kane promoting next Thursday’s SmackDown live event at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. He discussed his mask, how long it took him to be comfortable to cut promos, his political blog, and more.



When asked if he missed working in a mask, he responded: “Oh sure. In fact I just was talking to someone the other day, a fan, and they were talking about how they thought the mask was cool. They hit it right on the head because [they said] it added a definite air of mystery, which is very true. Right now, we have Rey Mysterio with a mask. And up until Rey won the world championship, I think I was the only masked wrestler to ever win the world championship. … I definitely think it’s a trade-off. Certainly there were things about wearing the mask that were unique.”

— In an update on former WWE star Rico, he is currently working as an Airport Control Officer for the Nevada Taxi Cab Authority in Las Vegas. He retired from the wrestling industry in July 2005.

— Jamie Noble, who now works with WWE in a backstage capacity, turns 34 years old today. Also celebrating a birthday is The Great Muta, who turns 48.

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