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Kane talks talks about running for President with The Rock, what isn’t talked about in the locker room and using his fame in politics

Kane talks about running for President with The Rock.

WWE veteran Kane revealed whether or not he’d consider running for President with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

In a recent interview with David Gardner, Kane spoke on a myriad of issues including what isn’t talked about in the locker room, using his fame to get a foot in the door as regards politics, and running for President with The Rock.

The Big Red Machine’s political exploits as of late have been well-chronicled, with the 50 year old set to run for Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee in the elections that culminate next year.

Besides, fellow WWE Attitude Era icon The Rock has also revealed his willingness to run for President of the US in 2020.

On that note, Kane revealed whether he’d consider running for President with The Great One-

“Would I run with The Rock? Probably not…I just want to do a good job as mayor. The local and the state levels are discounted too much. And I’m not devaluing the role of the federal government, but the country is right now in a top-down direction, and I want to be part of the wave that brings it back to a bottom-up nation, starting with the states.”

Furthermore, on topics that aren’t discussed in the WWE locker room, Kane added-

“Wrestling is a lot like any other workplace. You don’t really talk religion or politics. But we are all independent contractors, so we pay our taxes quarterly. And we talk about taxes.”

Additionally, Kane also explained whether or not he uses his WWE fame in politics-

“In politics, perception can be reality. But I’m not interested in people who want to vote for me because they know Kane from TV. I want people to vote for me because of my positions. Name recognition is a door opener, and I use it, but I believe you stay inside only if you have good ideas. All I ask is for a forum to prove that I have those ideas.”

The Mayoral elections Mr. Glenn Jacobs aka Kane is participating in culminate in mid-2018 and if he is, indeed, to get elected as Mayor of Knoxville, the Devil’s Favorite Demon may not be seen in the WWE for a long time.

As a huge fan of Kane- the masked version in particular- I wish nothing but the best to the big man, regardless of whether or not he chooses to return to the squared-circle.