Kane talks working with Steve Austin: “in the end, he was just a guy”

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin accomplished a lot in his WWE Hall Of Fame career. The Rattlesnake worked hard every night to not only entertain but open as many cans of whoop-ass on his opponents as possible.



Some of Steve Austin’s most brutal matches were against “The Big Red Machine” Kane. They were still and worked very well with each other. Their styles were complementary and fans couldn’t wait to see what they would pull off. Kane recently sat down with WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross on The Ross Report where he discussed some of the amazing aspects that went into working with a guy like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

“[Austin] was the guy who could say whatever he wanted and get away with it, do whatever he wanted and get away with it. Most of us have mouths that write checks that our body can’t cash. Well, he cashed all his checks and I think that was the thing that appealed to everyone. The dude talked trash and backed it up and backed it up against everybody! And then, in the end, he was just a guy. He was a common dude. In a way, he was almost like the Dusty Rhodes of his time. He’s quite a bit different, but nevertheless, he was a common guy and backed up everything he said. And, yeah, told his boss to shove it, which is, in the end, what a lot of folks would like to do.” Kane remarked, “frankly, I mean, you can credit ‘The Attitude Era’ to whoever, but if there hadn’t been a ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, it never would have been like that. He was the most integral part of that whole era.”

Credit for the quotes in this article thanks to The Ross Report and Wrestling Inc

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