Kanye West Attacks Shaquille O’Neal’s Family

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal recently got entailed in a social media war with Kanye West(now Ye), but the 50-year-old basketball legend was able to stay above the fray due to his commitment to keeping his mother happy. The brief back-and-forth began when O’Neal addressed Kyrie Irving’s recent controversy on TNT’s Inside the NBA. O’Neal called Irving, who has been criticized for promoting a film widely regarded as antisemitic, an “idiot,” adding that the Brooklyn Nets point guard isn’t “conscious” and doesn’t care who he offends.



Recently, Ye called out celebrities for not “cancelling” Balenciaga after people accused them of sexualizing children in advertisements.The Chicago rapper is accusing “the culture” of double standards, as they condemned him and Kyrie Irving for other controversies. “All celebrities are controlled,” he stated.

Now, it is Ye who has fired back at Shaq over his post-playing career.

Kanye West slams Shaquille O’ Neal

During a recent interview with Wack 100 on Black Savage Ent. Ye said [as transcribed by Wrestling-Edge]:

“I got couple family members that might ask me for a loan here and there but my family got jobs. Right, so that means that don’t have to listen to nothing nobody gotta say. If I want to get rid of all my money and go to like riding skateboards or driving an Uber for the rest of my life, I can do that. But you know what they go and do to the NBA players. They’ll be like, ‘what about yo what about grandma, what about your auntie.’ You don’t want to go back,you don’t want to be shame you know because they got a position. They’re gonna give you some type of job, some type of Shaquille O’ Neal job for the rest of your life as long as you play the game. And with Kyrie, he got one year left, they question it like, ‘will he even go?’, you know, ‘would he go play basketball again?'”


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