Kanye West & WWE Diva Bombshell Leaks

Many celebrities have chased the WWE 24/7 Championship which is currently held by Dana Brooke. The champ recently sat down with NBC Chicago to discuss a variety of subjects. She was asked about which celebrity she’d most like to defend the 24/7 Championship against.



Dana Brooke picks two names

Brooke named two popular names, Kanye West and Oprah Winfrey:

“Since now, Kanye [West] is like in the midst of everything right now. I think it would be awesome to show him who’s boss,” Dana Brooke said. “That women run the world. So I would like to you know, defend this title against you know, Ye as he calls himself these days.”

The 24/7 Champion also described her admiration for Oprah and how she would be delighted to defend her title against the former talk-show host:

”Or Oprah [Winfrey] ever since I was a young girl I used to watch Oprah all the time she speaks on when I speak about women empowerment and showing that women can do everything she would be great if she won the 24/7 title from me and then I definitely capitalize on it and win it back from her. Chicago has many, many many great celebrities, but those are definitely the two that come to mind.”

The WWE 24/7 Championship can be defended at any place at any time. It has been been defended in a whole variety of bizarre places over the years. Dana Brooke revealed that if she can she’ll defend the championship in front of the bean the next time she’s in Chicago:

“I would love love love to defend my 24/7 title at the bean in Chicago that would be amazing,” Dana Brooke said. “I think that would be so fun cuz you could see what’s coming right? The bean is like a giant mirror so you could see what’s coming all around you so I would have my head on a swivel like this. And definitely checking myself out in the bean and then seeing if R-Truth or Tozawa or Tamina were running up after me and then I would make my escape plan.”

Brooke recently picked up a win against Tamina to retain the title on this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW.

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