Karrion Kross Removed From WWE SmackDown

Triple H recently rehired Karrion Kross and Scarlett, but they only appeared on SmackDown via a pretape, as they are rumored to have been unable to enter Canada due to their vaccination status, according to Xero News.



WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently slammed how WWE tried to ‘dismantle’ everything Triple H built in NXT.

Kevin Nash talks about Triple H

Triple H went on a hiatus last year following his health scare. He faced a cardiac event followed by a surgery. During his absence, NXT underwent a massive revamp as the new presentation featured colorful characters and emphasized pushing younger talents. Several talents were also unfortunately released as part of the process.

Kevin Nash heaped praise on ‘The Game’ and ability to polish the promising wrestlers. The Hall of Famer blasted the promotion for the contribution of Hunter in the developmental department.

Speaking on a recent episode of the Kliq This podcast, Nash noted how many NXT stars had been unnecessarily repackaged on the main roster despite being successful acts in NXT.

Big Daddy Cool criticized WWE for destroying Triple H’s NXT:

“Look at the guys; you know the people that he has kind of hand-picked and pushed up on the WWE product,” said Kevin Nash. “And on RAW, every time one of them went up there, it was just like, ‘how quickly can we dismantle what got him over and f*** this dude up?’ Like, I just, you know, it was almost like when he got sick, when he had the heart episode, they couldn’t f***ing get down there and dismantle what he had built in NXT quick enough. I thought that was f***ed up, man.”

Hunter currently serves as the WWE Head of Creative after Vince McMahon announced his retirement.

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