Kayla Braxton & Eva Marie Show Behind In Photos

Kayla Braxton and Eva Marie have posted two new photos with a behind view, as seen below.



The former WWE Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis has been accused of sexual misconduct. Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell recently revealed there were backstage rumors regarding the alleged sexual misconduct of Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis.

Dutch Mantell recalls the rumors involving John Laurinaitis

He recalled that there was often talk amongst the girls specifically about Laurinaitis’ rumored misdeeds behind the scenes.Dutch Mantell said that while there weren’t too many details about the allegations surrounding Vince McMahon, he noted that it was easy to get the “scoops” backstage.

Mantell made a statement about some high-ranking officials working in WWE during a recent episode of the Tru Heel Heat Wrestling podcast:

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! You’re talking about Vince and them or Laurinaitis and them? Oh, definitely! Laurinaitis had just been suspended like, I got there in 2013, and Laurinaitis was suspended like at the end of 2012 or something. But there was a reason,” said Mantell. “And then the girls, the girls like to talk anyway,” said Dutch Mantell. “So, if you kind of made friends with one of them, they’d always give you the scoops. It was always Laurinaitis, not so much Vince. But it was usually Laurinaitis, basically. There were some horny bastards around there; I just want to say that.”

John Laurinaitis has found himself in trouble after WWE recently confirmed in a press release that Vince McMahon stepped down from the positions of Chairman and CEO. McMahon was entailed in a controversial matter. The Wall Street Journal recently unveiled that WWE is investigating a secret $3 million settlement paid to a former employee of Mr. McMahon. The probe has also scooped several claims of misconduct from former employees toward The Chairman and top executive John Laurinaitis. It is not known which member leaked the story. There are twelve people on the board. Dave Meltzer discussed the source of the leak on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. Dave was not sure who might have released the information. It surely caused some trouble for Laurinaitis.

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