Kayla Braxton Humiliated After Racist Attack

Kayla Braxton has been excelling in her role as a WWE backstage interviewer and analyst for their weekly television programming. She is highly regarded for her skill and professionalism, as well as her active engagement with fans on social media, where she often confronts negativity and criticism head-on. In fact, she recently launched a campaign against a troll who insulted her father online.



The incident occurred when Kayla Braxton reported a tweet in which a troll referred to her African American father as a “gorilla.” Unfortunately, Twitter did not deem the tweet to be in violation of their policies, and her complaint was dismissed. Naturally, this caused Kayla Braxton to express her disappointment and anger on the platform. She directly called out the troll and also questioned her decision to use the social media platform.

Kayla Braxton’s prominence within the WWE community makes her a target for hateful trolling, which she has to deal with frequently. Nevertheless, she remains committed to her job and is highly respected by her colleagues and fans alike for her talent and resilience in the face of adversity.


@Twitter – so the dude who referred to my African American father as a “gorilla” is all gucci for you guys, then? Good to know. Not sure why I got back on this stupid platform, but glad to know what y’all stand for. Imbeciles.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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