Kayla Braxton ‘Injured’ After Burn In Photo

Kayla Braxton faced an injury recently that may lead to some issues down the road. Could this sideline the extremely talented WWE broadcaster for the foreseeable future? Daniel Bryan Reacts To ‘Bad’ Christian Injury.



Breathe a sigh of relief, first of all. Yes, Kayla Braxton did succumb to an injury recently, but I am glad to report to you that it wasn’t anything life-threatening or that could hold and possibility lead to her broadcasting career ending.

It seems that Kayla Braxton was sunburned so badly that it made her lip bust open. That seems to be one nasty sunburn if that happens. Kayla joked a bit about her injury as she stated on the photo that was shared to her Instagram story “You should see the other guy.” as it showed her lip busted with dried blood within the split down her bottom lip.

Now, I’m not one to tell anyone what to do, but if your lip is busting open from the sun, well, then maybe you should spend a little less time in the sun or you should sunscreen up more than you ever have before in the history of your life. I’m wishing Kayla the best and I’m sure we will be seeing her soon.

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