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Kayla Braxton recently took to her Instagram account and posted a picture in red leather outfit. Her caption read:



“I got 99 problems but a bad angle ain’t one.

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Doing commentary is not something Kayla is leaning towards as she recently made it clear. For the last seven years, Kayla Braxton has been a backstage correspondent, host and interviewer for WWE. She is currently a part of the SmackDown broadcast team and was formerly the main host of The Bump.

While appearing on Busted Open Radio, Braxton was asked what else is there left for her to do at WWE role-wise. She shared that the company has talked to her about doing commentary. She stated that the position is very difficult and it is not something she’s actively leaning into.

I’ve done a lot (in WWE). I’ve thought about that. They’ve talked to me about being on the commentary desk. I give so much kudos to commentators. That is a difficult, difficult job. I remember talking to Renee Paquette when she was doing it. Talk about a talented woman who could do pretty much anything under the sun. But it’s difficult, so I don’t think that’s gonna be my route… I’ve stepped down from hosting The Bump. I would like to look at some new potential shows to do. I live in L.A. with the intention of getting some more pop culture crossover here in WWE, potentially with podcasts. We’ll see, but no, I will not be wrestling anybody in the ring… Never gonna happen.