Kayla Braxton Shows Goods In Tube Top Photo

Kayla Braxton is known to show herself off at every turn and it seems she did it again after uploading a photo of herself wearing a revealing top while she looked away from the camera.



Despite her remarkable skills and contributions to WWE television programming, Kayla Braxton has been subjected to relentless negativity and trolling on social media. As a highly active user, she often faces heat and unwarranted criticism from online users. However, her recent encounter with a particular fan took things to a whole new level.

It all started when an individual on Twitter directed a racially insensitive comment towards Kayla’s father, referring to him as a “Gorilla.” Understandably outraged, Kayla took immediate action by reporting the tweet, hoping that the platform would take appropriate measures against the offender. Unfortunately, to her dismay, her report was rejected, as the tweet apparently did not violate any of Twitter’s guidelines.

Feeling frustrated and let down by the platform’s response, Kayla Braxton decided to voice her concerns publicly. She took to Twitter once again, this time to call out Twitter itself for their inaction. In a scathing response, she tagged the platform and expressed her disbelief that the individual who had racially insulted her father was seemingly given a pass. She also questioned her decision to continue using the social media platform, highlighting her disappointment in Twitter’s handling of the situation.

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Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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