Kayla Braxton Trying To Date Top WWE Star?

WWE backstage interview Kayla Braxton has been involved in backstage segments recently with Paul Heyman, who is a genius and perhaps a love doctor as well. The WWE personality and former leader of ECW recently made some questionable comments regarding the romantic interests of Braxton. Braxton recently lashed out against fans getting involved in her personal life.  Chris Jericho Removed From AEW Dynamite



Paul Heyman talks about Kayla Braxton

During an interview with Rich Ucchino, Heyman was asked a question about his on-screen chemistry with Kayla. Heyman was happy to provide a very detailed answer. It may have been a little too personal.

“Of course we have magic together. I mean, first of all, Kayla Braxton is magnificent at her job and deserves a ton of credit for it. And from what I understand, she is very particular in the people with whom she is willing to date or see on a personal level. It’s a known fact that Kayla Braxton has very high standards in that regard, and that she looks for intelligence in men, as well. Therefore, Kayla Braxton has this sapiosexual lust for me that she just can’t hide when she’s on camera.”

The term “sapiosexual” refers to one who is attracted to intelligence. Kayla retweeted the interview, with a comment about how she would prefer to see it deleted. Given that she retweeted the video, it doesn’t seem that the WWE correspondent is legitimately offended.


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