Kayleigh McEnany Attacked Trump With Omarosa

Kayleigh McEnany recently slammed former President Donald Trump in a video clip.



Joe Scarborough ridiculed Donald Trump’s supporters that find the former president’s outrageous behavior amusing instead of being concerned about its broader implications.

Morning Joe started on Thursday with the news that special counsel Jack Smith obtained a recording of Trump admitting he retained classified material about a possible attack on Iran.

Sources close to Smith’s investigation also described Trump saying “he would like to share the information, but he’s aware of limitations on his ability post-presidency to declassify records.”

As Morning Joe discussed The Guardian’s corroboration of CNN’s report, Scarborough lamented that “Republicans actually cheer when he brags about being a liar.”

He pointed to Trump’s recent CNN town hall, where a friendly audience cheered the ex-president on while he blustered his way through questions.

“They thought it was the funniest thing in the world,” Scarborough fumed. “Jack Smith doesn’t think it’s so funny.”

Scarborough added that the reports speak to Trump’s intent and knowledge of improperly possessing classified documents.

I mean, there’s some hardore supporters who will say it doesn’t matter that Donald Trump’s a liar. It doesn’t meter that he stole classified documents. It doesn’t matter that he obstructed justice. It doesn’t matter that he broke the law. It doesn’t matter that he kept lying and that he moved documents the day before they were coming down to get the cuments. It doesn’t matter that he got caught on tape lying. They’ll say that. But when you go a little bit below the surface with them, they go ‘I’m so exhausted by this guy.’ Right? When they aren’t having to admit that they voted for him twice and that they keep defending him, you scratch below the surface and I hear it, time and time again, we both do. They’re so exhausted by him.

Inevitably, Scarborough said it will come down to Republicans deciding if they want to stick with Trump or try winning elections.

“Again, Trump people say ‘It’s fine. They won’t come out and say it, but they like that he’s a liar. They like that he lies to the FBI. They like that he lies to the DOJ. They like that he lies to everybody because they think, somehow, in some perverse, twisted logic, they think, somehow, that’s like sticking it to the libs. By being a liar constantly, living your entire life being a liar in public service. The problem is: I don’t think that’s where most of America is.”

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