Kayleigh McEnany Drops Trump Hamas Bombshell

Fox News’ Kayleigh McEnany recently claimed Hamas would not have attacked Israel if her former boss, Donald Trump, were still in charge via Mediaite.



McEnany recently made the claim during a discussion with liberal commentator Marie Harf who said the Biden administration has been negotiating “very powerfully” with Hamas over releasing hostages taken during the Oct. 7 attack.

“Marie, in all due respect, you say they have been negotiating powerfully. Yes, we have gotten hostages back — who should have never been hostages! I don’t believe this attack would have taken place on President Trump’s watch, because this administration has not shown strength on the world stage,” McEnany said.

McEnany then moved on to the press briefing held Monday afternoon by National Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

The one question that should have been asked was not asked in that briefing — maybe it was asked before we dropped in, I didn’t hear it, though — my question, if I’m a White House correspondent, would have been, “Why have you not re-designated the Houthis as terrorist organization?” Guess who did? President Trump on Jan. 15 of 2021. They were delisted on Feb. 4 by the Biden administration! And meanwhile, now we learn Houthis are trying to hijack ships, they’re shooting off ballistic missiles near Americans. Why have you not listed them? Pompeo told me it’s inexcusable.

“We want them to be tougher, right?” Harf said of the Biden administration. “We want them to push back, we want these attacks on our troops to stop, but what does that actually look like? OK, we can re-designate the Houthis — OK, we can talk about that. This administration has put over 50 additional sanctions on Iran since they came into office. Are we talking about striking Iran in Iran?”

“Take out a Soleimani-type figure like Trump did!” McEnany interjected.

“But that didn’t stop the attacks, Kayleigh!” Harf pushed back.

“Not a single American service member died in the final year of his presidency,” McEnany countered.

“It didn’t stop the attacks!” Harf insisted.

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