Kayleigh McEnany Slams Trump For Making Sad Mistake

According to Mediate, former White House press secretary and current Fox News anchor Kayleigh McEnany recently weighed in on former President Donald Trump’s decision not to participate in the 2024 GOP primary debates. During a discussion on Fox News’s “Outnumbered,” McEnany acknowledged Trump’s significant lead in the polls ahead of the first debate but also highlighted what she perceived as a major political miscalculation on Trump’s part.



McEnany noted that Trump’s declaration of non-participation in the debates could inadvertently provide an opportunity for other candidates to shine. By abstaining from the debates, Trump is effectively allowing his competitors to have a platform to challenge him and put forth their own ideas and perspectives. McEnany expressed confidence in Trump’s ability to defend himself on the debate stage but emphasized that by not participating, he is giving others a chance to potentially make their mark.

She further identified another strategic risk associated with Trump’s decision. By setting the precedent of declining debates, Trump could create a situation in which President Joe Biden, or any other future opponent, might also choose to forgo debates, using Trump’s own actions as a precedent.

“The takeaway from that is this is a huge political miscalculation,” McEnany said. “You give others the opportunity to shine. You give others two hours to throw lobs at you. I know former President Trump can dance across the debate stage, can defend himself. But you’re not there to do it himself, you’re counting on maybe others.”

McEnany’s analysis of Trump’s decision reflects a nuanced perspective, one that takes into consideration both the potential benefits and drawbacks of his choice. Her assessment underscores the intricate interplay between political strategy, public perception, and the broader implications that decisions made today can have on future political dynamics.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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