Keith Lee and Matt Riddle show up on SmackDown and attack top Superstar

In a backstage interview during SmackDown, Sami Zayn was about to issue a warning to NXT Superstars who’d run into him. But before he could do that, he was approached by two of NXT’s biggest names – Matt Riddle and Keith Lee.



Zayn tried to reason with the two invaders awkwardly before being chased by them all the way to the ring. Cornered by the two behemoths, Zayn tried to get out of this situation by throwing the first punch at Riddle.

However, Riddle blocked Zayn’s attack and hit him with a knee to the face, knocking the SmackDown Superstar on the spot. After this, Keith Lee set Zayn up on the floor as he hit him with a moonsault from the second rope.

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