Keith Lee ‘Buried’ On WWE Raw For Sad Reason

WWE star Keith Lee made his much-awaited return on this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW. But, that did not end well for The Limitless One as he surprisingly lost to WWE Champion Bobby Lashley in a quick match.



The former NXT Champion One had been off WWE programming for several months due to undisclosed reasons, and his return got a huge response. However, the loss to the reigning WWE champion further hurt Lee’s damaged reputation on the main roster. John Cena ‘Last Show’ With WWE Leaks

Keith Lee lost due to the backstage heat

Vince Russo and Dr. Chris Featherstone spoke about the the latest RAW show on the new Legion of RAW episode. They spoke about Lee and Mia Yim’s status in the company. Yim and Lee are engaged in real life and they did not get a huge break on the main roster.

Yim had a forgettable RETRIBUTION stint while Lee’s push was abruptly stopped a few months back by WWE. Russo stated that the real-life couple have legit heat within WWE, which probably caused them to deal with the consequences.

He said:

“Big-time heat on that couple. They’ve got Lana-Rusev heat.”

Russo termed it a ‘punishment’ and speculated that Lee was facing repercussions for some backstage heat.

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