Keith Lee ‘Can’t Return’ To WWE Raw?

Keith Lee has offered a major update on WWE return, after two months of mysteriously being off WWE television. Daniel Bryan & Edge Were ‘Pulled’ From Smackdown. It appears that Lee cannot currently return to WWE Raw, but he has high hopes for if and when he is cleared.



“I miss you guys, as well as all the others that expressed this sentiment… whether in dm’s, tweets, or comments. I miss you all.

But do not fret. I will fight like no other to return…and when I do, we got a LOT of ground to cover.”

He said a few days ago, “I’ll make sure to etch my name in the history books again.”

Steve Austin had his own health issues that almost kept him out of ring. He discussed WrestleMania 19 in a new EW interview, “That was an interesting day at the office. I was at the gym with Kevin Nash, and my reflexes were very touchy that day. We were on recumbent bicycles, and my feet kept twitching. I didn’t think anything of it. I left Nash and went to my room on the 27th floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and right before the elevator opened, my heart started beating out of my chest.”

“The bottom line was I was drinking too much alcohol and caffeine, and I wasn’t getting enough rest. I wasn’t cleared to leave the hospital, but I left because I was going to wrestle The Rock.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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