Keith Lee credits William Regal and Dusty Rhodes for his style

Keith Lee has spent the past few weeks capturing the attention of the NXT faithful, and now the WWE Universe has begun to bask in his glory.



Lee’s unique style mixing his impressive power with his incredible agility is what caught the eyes of wrestling fans around the world, and Lee credits two people for that in an interview on

Credit here goes to William Regal and Dusty Rhodes. In 2013, they were two of the very few who told me to stop doing what is expected of me and to do what I want to do. Those two, and one of my closest friends, Jerome Daniels, convinced me of this.

The moment I took the advice from those three, my career began a new path. From there I watched my inspirations more closely. We’re talking the names I mentioned above plus The Rock, Eddie Guerrero, Low Ki, Ron Simmons and Daisuke Sekimoto, as well as a healthy amount of old school wrestling. Then I began applying little things here and there to fit who I am as a person.

When I first met and worked with [Dusty Rhodes], he let me know how much and where I lacked. I applied his words and honed myself. During the 2013 tryout, you had to do it in front of The American Dream. When I finished, he pulled me aside and said to me, ‘That’s it, baby. You’ve got a presence I can literally bask in. Take it and do what you want.’ And thus, Bask In My Glory was born. It’s now something I hold very dear.

You have to wonder how good Keith Lee’s Dusty impersonation is.

The Limitless One has everything it takes to become a top star in NXT. Over the next year, it wouldn’t shock many to see the NXT Championship wrapped around Keith Lee’s waste.

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