Keith Lee Girlfriend Stunned By ‘Racist’ Attack

Mia Yim, WWE star and girlfriend of Keith Lee showed that she does not hold back from firing back at the fans for making racist remarks. She had also previously said that isn’t going to change. Recently, the former RETRIBUTION member hurled back at a fan.



Mia Yim responds to racist comments

One fan wrote about Mia Yim to say, “she isn’t BLACK….. we are referring to solely BLACK superstars.” Mia Yim saw this tweet and she didn’t let it go without firing off a response. She is proud of her heritage and wanted to make it very clear that her father would disagree with that statement. Kevin Owens Going To AEW With Top WWE Stars?

Here is what she wrote:

Hello. Just because I don’t fit into your vision of black doesn’t mean I’m not black. My father says hello.

Mia Yim has been away from WWE since RETRIBUTION stable split up. She is seemingly using her old name in WWE and she could be back in action soon but the question remains when. We will see when she gets back in the squared circle.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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