Keith Lee Major Update Before WWE Backlash

The former NXT Champion Keith Lee has been away from WWE programming for quite a long now. He was last featured back in February this year. There have been talks over his absence from the company. No concrete reason has been revealed for his sudden absence.



Lee broke out to the main roster in August last year. He was slated to get a huge push in the company and wae immediately put in a storyline with veteran star Randy Orton whom he defeated. New Jack Daughter Posts Heartbreaking

Mike Johnson recently noted on PWInsider Elite (subscription required) that Lee’s disappearance was likely more of a creative issue than any injuries he could have suffered, however people inside WWE are still silent on the situation.

He reported:

“I have never been able to get a full answer on what happened to him. I have been led to believe it’s more of a creative thing than an injury thing, and they just for whatever reason, I don’t know why, I don’t know what the full story is. Whether he just fell foul of Vince McMahon somehow, or there is something going on that they’re keeping close to the vest, which is always possible. I can get a clear read on it, and whoever is close to him, who knows the deal, they’re not talking.”

We will have to see when Lee makes his much-awaited return to WWE.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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