Keith Lee Reacts To Doctors ‘Refusing’ WWE Return

Keith Lee has reacted to being unable to return to WWE in a new tweet. He said, “Never….ever…. give in. For all that you wish for…. FIGHT.” revealed that Lee was pulled from WWE TV in February, and after doctor medical tests he has still not been cleared. Lee still is seeking to get cleared.



Another WWE star recently made a more permanent departure, with Andrade asking for his WWE release and the company allowing the former NXT champion to get out of his deal has been one of the biggest stories of the wrestling world this month.

During a recent interview with SportsKeeda, former WWE star Epico talked about Andrade and the former champion said that he is happy for his friend:

“I’m happy for him. He’s put in his time there, he’s put in his time outside of WWE, he deserved a better spot and now doing his own thing, nobody can cut his wings off and he can fly high and do what he knows to do best. Right now he’s one of the best in the world, second to none. On top of that he’s one of my good friends. I was just talking to him today, cracking some jokes and just talking about his future and the future looks bright for him.”

Continuing on the topic, Epico revealed that he met with the Mexican star just recently and explained the reason why Andrade wanted to leave the company:

“I’ve been talking to him. I saw him in Orlando two weeks ago and he was like “they are not doing anything with me and it’s not a matter of the money but me following my dreams. I hate sitting at catering every week. It’s pretty toxic when you look at it that way. You’ve got the best performers in the world over there. Just look at the locker room.”

There is no word yet on what Andrade is planning for his future after getting free of his WWE contract and it would be interesting to see where he ends up next.

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