Kelly Kelly Tight Leather Skirt Video Revealed

Former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly recently took to her Instagram account and posted a video clip wearing a skirt.



The caption read:


Check it out below:

Kelly Kelly had been one of the top stars of the Divas era back in the day. A lot has changed over the years and the women’s division has evolved. However, pro wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell is not happy with the current women’s division. On this week’s episode of Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell discussed the show and expressed his reservations about Nox’s in-ring performance, saying she wasn’t prepared for the main roster. He also called for the firing of everyone in the WWE women’s division except for Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler.

“She is not ready. I don’t know long she has been in developmental; I don’t know what she was doing down there. She is unsure of herself. Now, that could be, I guess, ring rust, but she wasn’t moving smoothly. Kind of like she was hesitating on some of the stuff she did. I saw her arm drags, pathetic! Not very good!

That’s what they’re sending them to Orlando for. If you can’t learn to give a graceful arm drag, something’s wrong with the other person working with you. So, it does look forced. I would fire everybody right now in the girls’ division except Ronda and Baszler. I’d fire everybody, then five minutes later, I’d hired them all back just to show them I could do it.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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