Kelly Kelly Yellow Bikini Is Almost Invisible In Photo

The former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly dropped an Alluring picture which is certainly a treat for the fans. She captioned the following:



Got your attention so I don’t need a caption”

Check out the Instagram post below:

Kelly Kelly wanted a heel run

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is straightforward when it comes to speaking his mind. He had once told Kelly Kelly that she couldn’t be a heel because she did not have a “bad guy face”. Kelly stated that she wanted to be a heel during her spell with WWE, but the Chairman felt that it wouldn’t work for her.

In a previous appearance on The Asylum Wrestling Store, Kelly Kelly narrated a backstage meeting with Vince McMahon, where she asked him if she could be a heel:

“I did [want to be a heel]. I did and I remember I went to Vince McMahon’s office one day because I was like, ‘Let me ask him what he thinks about me being a bad guy and he was like, ‘First off, let me see your bad guy face,’ and I tried to have this mean look and after like two seconds, I started laughing. He’s like, ‘That’s exactly why you could never be a bad guy. Have a good day Kelly, you’re good.’ That was the only time I ever tried and then I just left it alone so…”

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