Kellyanne’s Husband Reveals ‘Psychopath’ Trump Rant

It has been noted that the conservative attorney and Washington Post contributing columnist George Conway warned that former President Donald Trump’s dark outbursts are “getting worse.”



In an interview via NY Times on Wednesday, Trump said undocumented immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country” – a phrase similar to a line from Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf in which he wrote: “All the great civilizations of the past became decadent because the originally creative race died out, as a result of contamination of the blood.”

On Friday’s AC360 on CNN, Anderson Cooper noted Trump’s remarks and welcomed Conway to the show.

“The phrase that he used, it has such clear historical antecedents, even somebody as poorly read as the former president certainly knows where that phrase comes from,” Cooper said. “He knows the words he’s using.”

“Right,” Conway agreed. “He’s not a very intelligent man, but he does have a reptilian form of intellect that really lends itself to this kind of rhetoric. And he is profoundly, profoundly psychopathic in the way that he expresses himself.”

He later added:

“And what we see here is a man lacking, completely lacking in morality, lacking in conscience, lacking in remorse, lacking in empathy, completely a man without a soul. And the type of thing that he is– what he preaches is hatred. And he preaches hatred because this is the way he can save himself and gain power. And right now, he’s getting worse. They always get worse – the sociopaths, the psychopaths like a Hitler or a Putin.

They get worse over time as they become more and more desperate. And that’s what’s happening with Donald Trump.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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