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Ken Shamrock on being ignored by WWE for a Hall Of Fame induction

While Ken Shamrock only wrestled for WWE for a couple of years, many believe that the former MMA Star still left a mark and he did enough to get a spot in the Hall Of Fame.

However, so far the company has ignored the former Champion while considering possible Hall of Fame entrants and during a recent interview with Wrestling Epicenter, the former WWE Star talked about being snubbed by the company.

Shamrock discussed how there is a lot of speculation on why he has not been inducted and he has own thoughts too but he noted how no one has come out and made any statement:

“You know, there is a lot of speculation and I have my own thoughts too. But, all they are thoughts and speculation because no one has come out and made a statement… They’ve been asked! But, nobody’s done that. I’d like to think that someday, I’ll get in.”

Continuing on the topic, Shamrock said that being a Hall Of Famer is about changing the landscape and he thinks that he should be the first inductee to have crossed over from MMA:

In my time there, I changed the landscape of professional wrestling. To me, I should be the first one… If they are going to induct someone that is a cross-over from MMA to pro wrestling, I should be the first one that goes in.”

  • Nick Scott

    Demolition are part of lawsuit so not happening,
    Neidhart a tag wrestler, same maybe argued for Bulldog, Owen we all know.
    Batista and Rock have only officially retired this year.
    Rock may be next year head line instead of nWo seems in Florida. Batista likely to be held a few years if you look at list if possible headlines: Rock, Taker, nWo, Big Show (yes he should head a year), Batista, Kane.

    But shamrock should go in, no doubt

  • CC

    Marc Mero has as much right to be in as Shamrock.

  • Sparti Love

    I agree with the above names but i also disagree with how some are better choices than Shamrock. Neidhart being inducted as a Tag is what he was known for, not his Singles career. Pillman may have had a HOF career if not for his untimely death but he really did not amount to much in WWE. Most of his success was in WCW, which was during a time when it wasn’t as huge as it would become. That’s like saying Marc Mero should be in the HoF.

  • Unos #1Fan

    Yet they have a celebrity wing

  • CC

    But there are far more deserving people not in it. Big Van Vader, Jim Neidhart (solo), British Bulldog (solo and tag team), Brian Pillman, Chyna (solo), Demolition, Batista & most importantly one of the biggest names ever in the industry The Rock.

    We all know the reason Owen Hart is not allowed, but all of those names above are bigger names (for the most part) than Shamrock.

  • Yes but they’ve also put in people who deserve it far less than someone like him, or people who didn’t deserve to be inducted whatsoever. Shamrock is a former KotR, Tag Champ and IC Champ, and if it wasn’t for HBK’s diva BS, Vince was going to put the World title on him at one point. He was a major star for the few years he was with the company.

  • Sparti Love

    I agree on the HoF and being ignored. He hasn’t appeared in WWE since left. Is he invited to all these Reunions? He’s still in great shape too

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Makes sense to me with WWE being so high on MMA crossovers, Shamrock was the first…

  • CC

    There are hundreds of wrestlers who have not gone in yet, and many of them were bigger names. I don’t think Shamrock is being ignored anymore than most of those are not being ignored. Some will just take longer that is all.