Ken Shamrock reveals incest angle WWE had proposed to him

Former WWE Star and UFC Legend Ken Shamrock recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet and during the interview; he discussed a number of things like his current run with Impact Wrestling and more.



During the talk, Shamrock also recalled his time in WWE and revealed that the company had once planned an incest angle featuring him and his storyline sister:

“I know that they wanted to do a storyline where Ryan, who played my sister, wanted me to be in love with her … I’m like ‘that just don’t feel right.’ So in my mind with everything that was going on around that with the Bret Hart thing and all of the other things that they were happening around that, it just felt to me like they were trying to ruin The World’s Most Dangerous Man. They were trying to kill my character, which I’ve heard they’ve done in the past with different people …. So I took a stand against that to not let that happen.”

Shamrock also went on to speak openly about his relationship with WWE saying that he doesn’t know if there is even a relationship left between the two parties.

Discussing the recent Raw Reunion, he talked about not being called up for the show and claimed that he doesn’t know who he pissed off in the company because he did everything on a very professional level.

You can check out his full interview in the video below:

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