Kenn Doane Clarifies Remarks Concerning Tara’s Relationship With John Cena

Kenn Doane clarified remarks he made during an interview where he implicated Lisa Marie Varon (currently known as Tara in TNA Wrestling and formerly known as Victoria in WWE) as being involved in an extramarital affair with John Cena while all three simultaneously worked on the Raw brand. As Varon stated last week during an interview, she dated Cena in 2002 (when both were were single), not 2006 or 2007 (when both were not single) as Doane had implied.



“People keep asking bout the tara deal. Me confused why read my interview and realize the time frame in which I wrote it sounded like she was with [John Cena] then. I know she dated him in [2002] and that’s what I meant to say,” Doane stated on Twitter. “I’ve known tara since I first got to wwe and she wasn’t with him at the time when all my shiz was going down. I should of put more thought into her part of my story. I didn’t cuz didn’t think it needed to be elaborated. Tara never dated [John Cena] when I was there only in 02 which I should of made clear.”

He continued, “Granted nobody should ever think anything negative of tara. Why the fuck do we call her tara? Her name is lisa.”

Doane said that after girlfriend Mickie James admitted to him in 2007 that she was involved in an affair with Cena, he asked who he believed was Cena’s Diva “road” girlfriend at the time if she was aware of the matter (who he then implicated as Varon in the interview). According to Doane, the woman told him she believed the affair to be true after having been ‘recently’ dumped by Cena.

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