Kenny King Talks Favorite Wrestlers, Wrestling RVD & Dream Match

X-Division Champion Kenny King was interviewed by The Voice. Here are some highlights.



Favorite wrestlers growing up: “I grew up in the peak of the WWF era. My very first match was Strike Force versus Demolition at Wrestlemania IV and that’s the match that made me fall in love with professional wrestling. So growing up Demolition was my favorite tag team. I liked them better than the Road Warriors. And Mr Perfect and ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude. I loved Mr Perfect’s style. He was technical but he was very arrogant and he was damn good. The same for Rick Rude. And it’s no secret that RVD (Rob Van Dam) was one of my favorites as well.”

Wrestling Rob Van Dam: “It’s a dream. When you get in the business you don’t think that you’re going to get to wrestle guys that you idolized. When you do get an opportunity to do so with guys that you’ve watched, who were the reasons why you loved it so much as a fan, it’s definitely an accomplishment.”

His dream match: “Umm, I tell you what. The one that I’ve been thinking of the most was against Shelton Benjamin one-on-one. We wrestled plenty of times in tag matches but one-on-one for whatever reason it never happened. But I really am looking forward to the day I get to wrestle AJ Styles.”

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