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Kenny Omega addresses criticism of his AEW performance

Kenny Omega

All Elite Wrestling has entertained fans with their high-octane in-ring action. Some fans have noticed the company has changed some aspects of their talents, especially Kenny Omega.

The Sporting News recently spoke to Kenny Omega, where he discussed some criticisms of the product. Some fans noticed how his matches in AEW so far have been very different from his NJPW matches.

Omega will get many opportunities to showcase his in-ring prowess in longer matches in the future. He provided an explanation as to why long matches are not required on a weekly basis.

“[Laughs] It’s funny because I feel like when people … I could compare it to when your favorite player perhaps gets traded to another team.”

“When your favorite player gets traded to another team, and he’s initially not the top scorer or leading in assists or playing the way that he used to play like he did for the home team, your team, it’s easy to criticize them and say that you made a big mistake, and that you’ll never be the same guy again and that it’s all downhill.”

“Because I decided to take a different path in my career, because I’m not doing these long, drawn-out 45 [minute] to one-hour matches in singles competition, it doesn’t mean that I’m not the same guy. This isn’t about tooting my own horn, but it’s like I’m now helping run a company that has live television every Wednesday.”

“I’m part of a very successful tag team with “Hangman” Adam Page, a guy that I have a lot of chemistry with. And I’m existing within a division of guys that are amongst the top of all the tag teams on all of the planet and showing that it takes more than just having a good, long singles match to be called the best in the world.”

Kenny Omega will face off against Pac in a 30-minute Iron Man Match on this week’s AEW Dynamite. He is also scheduled to compete in an AEW World Tag Team Title match at AEW Revolution on February 29th.

  • Whistling Joe

    He’s still hitting the V-Trigger, Dragon Suplex, Kitaro Crusher, and One-Winged Angel in his matches. I don’t know why people are complaining unless they want to see him do the same moves 100 times in a match. It’s not like he was doing 20 different moves in his long matches, it was about 20 V-Triggers and 20 Dragon Suplexes with some other stuff thrown in. He is over exposed though in AEW. I know he’s not on Dynamite every week, some weeks he is o Dark, but if he only showed up on either show 2 out of every 5 weeks, I’d be fine with it. Omega doesn’t seem special and doesn’t seem to want to be there. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if he went back to New Japan or even signed a two or three year deal with WWE when his contract with AEW is up.