Kenny Omega and PAC unhappy with their bout at All Out

AEW’s All Out was a spectacle to behold with the tag-team bout and the clash between Kenny Omega and PAC standing out. However, the latter duo were not pleased with their display at the pay-per-view.



Chris Jericho, who himself won the AEW Championship shed light on the events that transpired throughout the event on the latest episode of his podcast “Talk Is Jericho”. He claimed that despite putting out a great match, they were unhappy about the match stretching out, which caused them to cancel out a few spots. This made Jericho compare the duo of Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, who were also hard on themselves after the finish. He said:

“Afterward, both Kenny and PAC were mad because I guess, their match was too long and they ran out of time and they had to cut a bunch of stuff and they were not happy about it and meanwhile, it’s like the best match on the show.”

“They remind me so much of Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit in-that these guys are putting on these amazing, amazing matches but they were always mad because something didn’t go right or they didn’t hit a punch or kick the way they wanted it to, originally. They were always really hard on themselves for this.”


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