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Kenny Omega believes he would thrive in the WWE

The IWGP Heavyweight Champion has racked up some highly impressive and competitive matches in the past few years and is considered by many to be one of the best professional wrestlers in this generation. However, fans and critics alike have often wondered how he would fare in the WWE.

Wrestling Inc interviewed Kenny Omega ahead of his title defense on July 7th and asked the Cleaner how he thought he might do in the WWE.

It’s funny. There’s this idea where ‘Kenny is only good because he can do what he wants and gets time.’ Well, everyone else through those doors had time and opportunity. Why didn’t they do anything special?

Omega went over the fact that WWE has more restrictions to deal with than NJPW. Not only in terms of promos and vignettes, but there are moves and spots seen in NJPW and most promotions that will never see the light of day in the WWE. Omega didn’t think he’d have too much of an issue with that, however.

I actually work better with restrictions. When you leave everything wide open, things tend to get a little convoluted. So when you give me those restrictions and I start to use my brain creatively to work around those, that’s when things get interesting.

I mean, no. You’re not going to get a seven-star match or six or five in a seven-minute segment, but I always do the best I can to make that segment memorable and entertaining and I think that’s always the name of the game.

The thing is too…it’s like, ‘Hey, if you ever go to the WWE, what are you gonna do if you only get five minutes?’ I mean sure, you’d have nights like that, but would I take a contract with WWE if I were not gonna be able to show the best of Kenny Omega? That would be a disservice to my own career. I’d for sure make sure that I was able to show the best of what I do, and that requires a little bit of time. So yeah, things like that don’t really worry me. I think I would be fine.

No matter where he goes, there’s no denying Kenny Omega’s talent. Regardless of how much “freedom” he has, he’ll be the star of the show wherever he goes.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Unless it’s NXT I don’t want to see Omega anywhere near the WWE, ecpecially given their track record of crapping on talent that isn’t their own or just bog standard bad booking from the writers in general

  • Keith Learmonth

    I think Omega would be just fine in WWE. I also expect that he’ll go there eventually, if he decides to tone down his in-ring style because it starts taking a toll on him.

  • CC

    I do think the restrictions put on wrestlers in WWE are somewhat over exaggerated, depending on who it is.
    I mean, when AJ Styles came in, we had the dirt sheets saying “WWE wont let him use the Styles Clash, because it is too dangerous etc”, and then AJ is seen using the move (I am sure he even tweeted something or said something in an interview when he said something like “do not believe all you read, it is not banned” before he used it.

    And in Styles case, I would say that he has thrived and in some ways been given way more freedom than a lot of guys.
    Granted, Samoa Joe has been somewhat held back, but Styles has just got better and better.
    Also, much like Daniel Bryan, Styles was always one of those guys that people said was boring on the mic and lacked personality, and while this was a serious exaggeration, the both defo improved their mic skills in WWE.

    Omega in theory could be just as big as those two.

  • Soulshroude

    I agree. Omega is a money grab. If he ever does sign with WWE, he has a VERY BRIGHT FUTURE second to A.J. Styles!!