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Kenny Omega breaks silence about controversial booking decision for CEOxNJPW

Kenny Omega is arguably the top dog in pro-wrestling today. The IWGP World Champion recently held an NJPW event in the States in collaboration with CEO. The event went well until some of the fans noted that one of the wrestlers on the show has had cases of sexual offence against him in the past.

This enraged a lot of fans and hence they started pointing fingers at the Cleaner on Twitter. Omega quickly took to his Twitter to defend himself and provided his followers with an explanation about the situation.

Omega then went on to issue an apology for his oversight as a booker.  He vowed to not repeat such an error once again and that he’d look into the wrestlers’ details before booking them on the show.


  • CC

    I think this is a lesson learned for Omega. When you are responsible for booking an event, giving responsibilities to other people (such as the school in this case) still falls on your head in the end if something is wrong. I doubt he will give such carte blanche in future.

    Despite the people defending him on twitter, Omega admits it was a mistake on his part, and I do not think he should be hauled over the coals by anyone for it.

    Sadly though it is now a war of people condemning him and people sucking on his nut sack, and neither is right.