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Kenny Omega captures the AAA MEGA Championship

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    We weren’t talking about keeping names/gimmicks though.

    When has Vince cooperated with another promotion since ECW in the late 90’s? Its clear with this rediculous NXT’s across the globe crap that him & hhh are trying to buy the wrestling world

  • oppa

    Not true. The had a working deal with NJPW years ago. Taker missed WrestleMania X from the Garden because he was working in Japan at the time. After they got burned in the Marc Mero deal and had to spend millions to get the rights to Stone Cold from Austin’s ex wife, they’ve had the policy of wanting to own everything. But there are exceptions like Randy Orton, John Cena, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe to name a few.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    They have a partnership going… Lucha Bros, etc. compete in AEW & in exchange Omega & The Bucks have been doing matches in AAA.

    Vince never heard of a mutually beneficial buisness deal, only wants to own & control everything

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    The man is in the middle of his prime, he will be called a legend in time just like HBK & AJ Styles. He’s the 1st & only non-japanese wrestler to win the G1 Climax, that alone is legendary. Even mexican fans were rooting for him to win last night!

    But a question to those that watch Triple A regularly… is going into the crowd forbidden? Cuz Kenny seemed legit apologetic after he suplexed Fenix on the gaurd rail & the ref had to drag him back underneath

  • rob

    “iconic finisher” lol it’s not like he is a legend or something

  • Soulshroude

    Sooo.. either AEW is open to their stars in a “brand exchange”? Eat that, WWe.