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Kenny Omega explains why he can connect with fans better than Roman Reigns

Kenny Omega is, not only one of the best wrestlers in the world but one of the most well received. The IWGP Champion has earned the love of fans around the globe for his in-ring ability and his overflowing charisma, and Omega had a chance to speak on the differences between NJPW and WWE characters in a recent interview.

While speaking with Mel Magazine, the Cleaner said that the reason a lot of WWE guys, like Reigns, can’t connect with an audience is that they’re limited by creative.

People go through heartbreak in all walks of life, regardless of age, sex, religion or whatever. There are times you break up with a loved one, a friend or whatever. You feel alone. It’s a very easy feeling to understand – the feeling of loss, heartache and pain. So, I’ve put myself in a position to feel pain alongside the fans.

WWE keeps it simple because they feel as simple as possible is best. It’s the easiest to book for television as well. You can micromanage things to the second that way. If there’s real emotion you can’t. Even if you can’t really understand what’s going on [as a child], you can feel, and as long as you can feel something, it’s better than coming out of it and feeling nothing.

Is Kenny Omega right? Are WWE’s characters and storytelling too simple to really connect with?

  • Fredrick

    If Vince finds out he said this, he’ll be a jobber in WWE.

  • CC

    I think the simplest answer on this is that Omega has risen naturally, and not been “pushed” like Reigns has.
    That said, a push is not a bad thing, it just depends on how you push.
    I think Reigns and Rollins are perfect examples of right and wrong.

    Reigns has constantly been pushed as a baby face, despite the obvious lack of acceptance from a huge portion of WWE fans.

    And then you have Rollins. He had what initially started off as an amazing heel push, which kinda lost momentum as he just started playing second fiddle to The Authority all the time. When he went off injured it gave him time to rest and reset, so when he came back and switched to face, the fans got behind it straight away. Add in the fact that he puts on fantastic matches, has great charisma and connects well with the fans, you can see that he has been more of a “natural” push.
    Reigns on the other hand, is constantly pushed as a face, gets promoted as another SuperCena type recovering from injuries in double quick time, and generally puts on quite boring matches. He also has no charisma and fans do not connect with him at all.

    WWE needs to realise that sometimes switching a guy heel is the best way to get them over as a baby face.
    It worked for Orton years ago when they pulled the trigger on his baby face turn too early. They let him go back to being heel, really pushed the hell out of that with his whole head punting, legend killing and god knows what else, then when they did turn him face again, it was much more accepted. (although anyone with any common sense knows Orton should never be baby face).

  • Dirt McGirt

    WWE keeps trying to recreate the past with Reigns. First, they made him Super Cena, proving that Vince hasn’t learned one damn thing in the last ten years. Then, they tried the one week experiment of making him Stone Cold by having Reigns attack Jindar back stage; we all saw right through that. Had WWE actually turned Reigns heel when he started getting booed, they may have been able to turn him face. We are at the point now that if this was 1997, people would be chanting “die, Roman, die”.

  • oppa

    WWE has been ruined because of having a large creative team that makes you forget that Stephanie was in charge of creative. Going back to one or two people running things by Vince would make things better. Somehow when that was going on, there wasn’t an issue with “creative not having anything for people.