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Kenny Omega hesitant on joining WWE

One of NJPW’s top stars, Kenny Omega, was interviewed by Sports Illustrated. Omega stated that the treatment of the New Day, as individuals, is what keeps him from joining the company.

When I see Big E, I clearly see someone who could be world champion. This guy is on another level. Kofi is one of those guys who is good in all situations and can challenge for all titles, and Xavier is another great athlete who is talented in the ring and confident on the mic.”

It’s things like that that really make me think twice about what I would be getting into if I eventually do go there.

Omega isn’t alone in thinking that Big E and Kofi could be in better spots, as far as their singles careers go. Kofi was near a breakthrough in 2009 that got shut down quickly, and Big E, while extremely talented, never found his niche on the main roster before joining the New Day.

It’s possible that Omega might not get used correctly by the WWE. It wouldn’t be the first time that the company had a great talent and heavily misused them. Cruiserweight stars like Neville and Austin Aries come to mind, both of whom were seen as massively underutilized during their time in WWE.

  • Jessie L Williams II

    but that’s AJ Styles. he’s on a diff level than pretty much everyone

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    For me when HHH is full time in charge guy like Kenny Omega would get better push. But at the same time you can also make you own strip in the WWE. AJ Styles came into WWE 2 years ago an now he Main Event WM 34. I just takes a lot of hard work.

  • Jessie L Williams II

    he’s actually spot on. as talented as they are. they were given a terrible gimmick and they made it work. say what u want about popularity. the fact is, it took three of them to win a two man title. Kenny is right to be worried about his relevance if he joined WWE. He would likely be little more than a Sami Zayne. And u see his title history.

  • CC

    I am sorry, but all three of those guys in New Day have never been bigger than they are now.
    Big E was nothing, just a hired hand for the likes of Dolph and AJ Lee.
    Nobody cared about him.
    As for Kofi, yeah he is great, but his big push just never worked, which is why he slipped back down the card.
    Now, as part of New Day he is even bigger than when he got his push.

    As for Woods. Who even noticed he was in WWE before he joined New Day?

  • pitfallharry219

    You can say that about any era in the company’s history. Jake Roberts could’ve been champion. Mr. Perfect could’ve been. Ted Dibiase, Razor Ramon, Texas Tornado, Owen Hart, blah blah blah. I could go on and on. Not everybody can be a top guy at once.