Kenny Omega Leaks Huge WWE vs. AEW Photo

The saga between WWE and AEW is getting deeper and darker as each week passes by. We’ve seen WWE move NXT away from AEW’s Wednesday night show and then WWE pulled in Chris Jericho onto Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions podcast. Now, we see Kenny Omega speaking up about the entire situation. This could get great. Kenny Omega Reveals Why He ‘Rejected’ Triple H.



Kenny Omega got on his Instagram and poste up a picture of him with Xavier Woods. Of course, Kenny is a huge ambassador for AEW while Woods is a huge name for WWE. While we know that wrestler’s outside of opposing companies can still be friends, this post comes at a very odd time.

As I stated above, Chris Jericho will indeed be a guest on Stone Cold’s podcast Broken Skull Sessions which will be via WWE. Now, Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega are posted on Instagram with Kenny stating: “The forbidden door was opened years ago in Midgar.”

Kenny is speaking about the forbidden door that was once NJPW and AEW. Could it be possible that we see a WWE vs AEW storyline? Well, it’s hard to tell. There no longer seems to be a war between the companies, if there ever really was one other than fans making one out to be. Time will tell what all of the cryptic posts on both ends mean.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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