Kenny Omega Reacts To AEW Girlfriend Rumor

Kenny Omega is a dominant force in AEW. It’s no wonder why all the women may be chasing him around. However, it seems that the possibility for Kenny Omega to now be a taken man is higher than ever since this news broke. Drew McIntyre Reacts To Kenny Omega WWE Rumor.



Kenny Omega took to Twitter recently to clear the air…or actually make the air more heavy with mystery when he stated the following to his many followers on the platform: “Rumor has it that I date a lot of people. That’s cool. The important part is that I’m proud of a lot of people.”

The comment section began to buzz with many rumors about Kenny including his sexuality which is neither here nor there, in my opinion on that matter. Prior to this, Kenny also may have a new found beef with Tony Khan.

On Tuesday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, AEW owner Tony Khan and AEW head commentator Tony Schiavone appeared for a paid advertisement for Wednesday night’s Dynamite. This time around, however, AEW Champion Kenny Omega and Impact Wrestling’s Executive Vice President, Don Callis joined them as special guests.

Schiavone announced that tomorrow night on Dynamite, Omega will face wrestling veteran Matt Sydal in an AEW World Championship Eliminator Match. If Sydal wins, he’ll receive a title shot against Omega at a later time. In the ad, Omega was a bit standoffish. He corrected Khan for thinking Sydal even has a chance to defeat him.

“No, Tony. See, I did the math. There’s approximately a zero percent chance of that happening,” Kenny Omega boldly stated.

Dustin Schumacher
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