Kenny Omega responds to NXT fans tweeting him during TakeOver events

NXT has a unique fanbase, with a majority of them heavily favoring the work of the indie scene. However, the yellow brand has built up a following from the great storytelling, matches, and fantastic mix of talent between already made stars outside of the company and those who are products from the WWE machine.



Whenever a TakeOver comes around, there is an understandable amount of hype surrounding it. Between stellar performances and surprise appearances by newly signed talent, with Matt Riddle finally showing up last night, the wrestling side of Twitter is usually ablaze on those Saturday nights, with fans begging other talents to make their way to NXT, or simply asking if someone is watching.

Kenny Omega is one talent who often gets a flood of tweets and mentions every time NXT gets a chance to shine on the weekend, and he decided to make a blanket response to those fans.

Omega wished the best for those currently entertaining the WWE Universe but said he’s enjoying himself doing the best he can outside of the WWE.

The Young Bucks and Will Ospreay responded to Omega’s tweet.

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