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Kenny Omega Reveals If He Plans to Join the Royal Rumble, His Dream WWE Match

Kenny Omega

New Japan Pro Wrestling star Kenny Omega recently made an appearance at England’s 4Front Wrestling this past weekend. You can check out some highlights from what he had to say here:

On joining this weekend’s Royal Rumble:

“The most I can say right now is that if some of you are subscribers to the Network and you’re looking forward to something happening or not happening on the 29th…I’m not sure if I could pull a rabbit out of the hat by that date. That’s all I can say for now.

“But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. I’m not saying anything… that might be asking too much at this point and time. That’s literally the most news I’ve given anyone up to this point.”

On his dream match in WWE:

“I’d just really want to work with AJ Styles at WrestleMania, guys. Before he hangs it up and before I start to degenerate as an athlete, I really want to have a big match with him on the biggest stage possible, so that is a career goal of mine.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Cageside Seats)

  • Arnold Jackson

    For those vets in NXT, they know the deal when they sign there. Their job is to give the younger guys experience wrestling guys who know how to be on top before they are even on RAW/SD. In exchange, the vet has a chance to get themselves over enough that they will be in high enough demand to warrent being there too. Plus with the experienced guys, they tend to be a bigger drawing card for when you want NXT to be touring, not to say you don’t want to see the younger guys as well. NXT will and should never be a third brand. It is what it is suppose to be, a development league that die hard wrestling fans actually want to see.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Sometimes you say something insightful and then there are times like this that you seemed surprised that a guy would say things in the media in an attempt to create a bidding war between two companies or put out blatant misinformation in an attempt to create a surprise for wherever you turn up next. Every contract negotiations has moments where this kind of stuff happens. No one is a bad guy here, it’s just how the game is played.

  • CC

    I am not saying that he should not want to go there and that other guys have not said that, but you are missing the point that it was only a week ago in another interview where he said he does not want to go there and gave a bunch of reasons that its not the be all and end all of wrestling. When you saying something then change your mind years later, that’s one thing, but in the space of a week or so, it just proves that the guy has no idea what he wants or just says whatever comes into his mind at the time.

  • Shallowmen

    Completely agree with you. My biggest concern though is what about all the others? Nakamura, Roode, Strong, Aries. My issue is the surplus of talent, they really don’t need Omega although fans would love to see him in a WWE ring. I wish they’d turn NXT into a 3rd brand and be rid of it being developmental.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Slightly different case. Kenny is younger and will be around longer. With the brand split, they needed main event talent right away. They can now bring Kenny in at a slower pace due to both the shows now having established their own identities.

  • Arnold Jackson

    A lot of guys have all said that but eventually they almost always end up with Vince’s money in their pockets. It is what it is and I can’t blame anyone for doing what’s in their best interest of their families.

  • CC

    Wasn’t this the same guy who last week was saying he has no interest in WWE? And that his goal was to be one guy who made it big without ever going to WWE.