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Kenny Omega says NXT is developmental while AEW has real stars

Kenny Omega

NXT made its debut on the USA Network on September 18th and it was a huge success. Many people praised the show, but Kenny Omega thinks differently.

AEW will be making its debut on TNT on October 2nd and the Wednesday Night Wars will finally begin between WWE and AEW. To Omega, the NXT roster is his friends but are definitely not competition.

Dropkick Diskussions recently spoke to Kenny Omega, where he talked about the Wednesday Night Wars. Kenny Omega thinks AEW is in a completely different business from WWE and he considers it hard to say that he is “going to war” with people that he calls his friends.

He boasted that if he thinks of the grand picture, he is “going to war” with wrestlers who, if they were on the same show, would be in the dark match while he would be in the main event. He reiterated that AEW and WWE are on “different planets” and said that AEW would prove it once they start with sold-out arenas and the fan reaction to the stars on television every week.

We do wonder whether Kenny Omega said all this in character or not. We will get to know next month how the Wednesday Night Wars turn out to be.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Kenny’s win-loss record in singles is less than stellar so far. AEW wants people to care about wins and losses. Ergo, right now, Kenny is a mid-carder.

    Also, WWE was looking to get NXT on a network before there was an AEW. I don’t buy that it was a spur of the moment thing to deliberately counter-program, and even if it was, AEW were the ones who chose to go opposite to NXT in the first place.

  • Whistling Joe

    I’m not saying those people are a train wreck in the ring, I’m saying your average fan will put down money to see a Becky Lynch or Usos before they spend dime one to see a lot of guys on the AEW roster. The only way Stunt is getting my money is if he’s at one of those midget tosses they hold at bars. I would pay to throw that little dude. And I am well aware that WWE signs a lot of guys that have zero star power like the Gymini or Kona Reeves. I hope AEW is still around in five years so people from WWE and NXT leave and go to AEW and AEW doesn’t have to fill out their roster with people who really have no business being in front of a camera like TNA had to do with the Dupps in their early days.

  • Rinn13

    I’d hardly say that someone is being “used as a midcarder”, just because he isn’t in the title picture right this second. He obviously will be in the future. When you’re not immediately fighting for the championship, you have to feud with somebody or be doing something. So he is.

    Also, frankly, it is silly for WWE to treat NXT being on network cable now, as if THAT is competing with AEW. Just because they’re on the same night (which WWE obviously did on purpose), doesn’t mean that AEW is on NXT’s level. On the one hand, NXT, at least wrestling wise, though I can’t stand what I feel is the canned fan reactions (at least at Full Sail), is better than WWE’s main roster for the most part. On the other hand, it is literally just their developmental brand. AEW is not a developmental promotion.

    They obviously haven’t earned the right to be considered “on WWE’s level”, and they may never be. But I do think, given time, if they get some more interesting stars (in my opinion), they could definitely have a chance, if the Khan and TNT backing don’t abandon them. But I think their roster so far is decent, and obviously they’ll add more wrestlers as they go.

  • Rinn13

    I’m by no means sold on AEW right now, but I hate to break it to you: just because WWE has signed someone, doesn’t mean they aren’t “stars”. And conversely, just because WWE hasn’t signed someone ever, doesn’t mean they “aren’t stars”, or can’t be. Much like serious pro sports, a lot of guys/gals just need to be given a real shot. Something WWE rarely does, even with the vast majority of “stars” it DOES sign.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    There no interest from wrestling fans in watching AEW. Because to wrestling fans it NXT that a lot of fun to watch. Why AEW is nothing different to me just another TNA.

  • Whistling Joe

    Hey Kenny, I got news for ya: there’s a reason Dark Order, Nyla Rose, and Marko Stunt weren’t signed by WWE. They aren’t draws. Period.

  • Keith Learmonth

    This is hilarious on two counts:
    First, a guy who is basically getting used as a midcarder in his own promotion, saying he’s the main event while NXT are the dark match is just ridiculous…

    Second: AEW wouldn’t be buying advertising space on NXT if they felt it was so far beneath them.

  • CC

    It was blatantly done in character, but either way it just does not look that great.
    Yes NXT and AEW will be on at the same time, but taking a shot at NXT is not going to win AEW any new fans. People already showed their displeasure at the whole throne smashing incident and a few other barbs the Elite have made against the main WWE programming, because they think AEW should be above that sort of petiness, so to take a shot at a show people actually like is not going to help AEW in any way shape or form, even if it is most likely just a work promo.

    Lets face it, people did not react well to Seth Rollins and his recent dumb comments, and this just comes across as more of that kinda crap.

    Those that believe it is real will be annoyed, and those that think its fake will groan at how cringe worthy it is.