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Kenny Omega on Shinsuke Nakamura’s disappointing WWE run

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Kenny Omega discussed his upcoming match with Chris Jericho at Wrestle Kingdom 12, wanting to see WWE and NJPW work together more in the future, and his former rival Shinsuke Nakamura. Specifically, he had quite a bit to say about the sub-par run the King of Strong Style has had since arriving in the land of the giants.

“I’m happy for the response that he’s getting, and all of us in New Japan knew when he left that he was going to get over with his charisma. But when I see Nakamura in WWE, it’s hard for me to say he’s done anything compelling in-ring since he’s been there, which is a shame.”

Omega would go even further in depth, talking about Nakamura’s booking at Survivor Series. Omega was not a fan of how the former NXT Champion was presented, feeling that WWE’s “over-booked” style doesn’t blend well with Nakamura’s fast paced “work as you go” style.

“Even to another degree, everything in WWE is super over-booked. Some people in WWE even need the steps and their footing in the ring choreographed. They have to pace their breathing before they even go through with a match in the ring. When you’re used to dealing with people who need that match management, who need to have that much choreography in their matches before they go out there and perform, then when a guy like Nakamura–who is this new age ‘strong style,’ and a lot of that is based off emotion and feeling and fighting spirit–wrestles someone who needs marks on the ring so that he can get his footing right with a set of instructions, that’s where Nakamura’s style gets lost in translation. Everything starts to come across as soulless, if that makes any sense.”


  • Buzzkiller73

    All but AJ would be better off still in NJPW. Pro Wrestling and Sports entertainment are two completely different animals. Some can flourish in the sports entertainment world and others are just pure Pro Wrestlers like Shinsuke. Vince expects you to change to fit his corporate PG image and Nakamura is THE KING OF STRONGSTLYE. Not a rockstar or the artist known as. Until he changes or passes away and lets Stephanie and Trip take over nothing will ever change!!

  • Thomas Murray

    wanting to see WWE and NJPW work together more in the future…. given the way 4 of the last 5 from that promotion have being well, treated like dirt, why ?:

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    He’s right, you know. WWE doesn’t give new talent or trust in the ring as much as the old school talent. That is, until they can prove themselves without making “botches” every night. Everything is over choreographed, yeah. Then you have guys like Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Styles and Nakimura. These guys are seasoned in the ring, even if a few of them were limited to the independent scene.

    But, what ever WWE wants… it gets, right? So, under-gun the new talent, see what their made of and if they prove themselves, then take them off the leash and let them go for broke.