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KENTA opens upon his departure from WWE, claims that his style was not fit for the company

Hideo Itami 2019

KENTA, formerly known as Hideo Itami during his turbulent time in WWE, opened upon his decision to switch to NJPW and commented on his style not suiting the WWE during his interview with NJPW.

KENTA claimed that he decided to sign for the Japan-based organization as he felt that his strong style did not suit the WWE and moreover, he felt that his own vision was crumbling away. He elaborated:

“I don’t want to end it like this. I want to try once more to bring my vision of pro wrestling to the world. It’s hard to put into words but… it was a very tough five years,” he said. “I got hurt, and beyond that I was really grasping for something during that whole time. It’s like, I came into the company to bring my style of wrestling worldwide, but what that actually became was bending and adapting to what the company wanted. That’s important in a sense, but the strength and aggression that I bring to the table got lost. That’s a real shame.”

“One person there might tell you ‘do it this way’, and then another would be ‘no, no, do it like this’. That meant my own personal vision just crumbled away. There are people who can do very well in that environment, but I just couldn’t.”

Finally, he commented on his style and noted why it did not suit the WWE and expects his style to be a success in NJPW. He stated:

“My style isn’t really like the WWE style. There’s an aggression there that’s closer to Strong Style, my matches evolve in a more thrilling way. I think if I can fit in here, I’ll be able to awaken something that’s been dormant for a long time.”

  • CC

    When it comes to these other styles of wrestling such as strong style and even lucha libre, not only do they have to adapt to the WWE style of wrestling, but there is also an issue with fans “not getting it”.
    Yes there will be those fans who are fans of all types of wrestling and follow more than just WWE, but the bulk of their audience watch WWE and WWE alone, and a lot of those guys just do not get that there are different ways to wrestle.

    That said, it is up to the wrestler in question and WWE to work out a way to make it work, and we all know WWE and their tactic of push it for a couple of weeks and then forget about it if it does not get over straight away.

  • Soulshroude

    In other words, lost in translation… he, as well as Nakimura are caught between the ropes in that “we’ve little place for your bold all out NJPW techniques”. Thanks for choosing us, you’re “spotlight’ has run out of bulbs. You were just used. Best of luck, future endeavors and all that crap.

  • jgdjgdklj

    If only Nakamura would come back to new Japan too