Kevin Costner Tries To Kick Wife Out Of House

According to court documents obtained by, actor Kevin Costner is demanding that his estranged wife, Christine, be forced to vacate his home as stipulated in their prenuptial agreement. Costner and his lawyer, Laura Wasser, are asking the court to issue an order prohibiting Christine from continuing to occupy his residence. The prenup, signed in 2004, reportedly stated that she should leave within 30 days of a divorce being filed.



Although Christine filed for divorce on May 1, Costner claims she has not moved out despite multiple requests and his offers to financially assist her in finding a new residence. He alleges that she refuses to leave unless he agrees to various financial demands.

Costner states that he has been paying support to Christine since the divorce, including a $1 million payment as stipulated in the prenup. The agreement also required an additional $200,000 payment during the early years of their marriage.

Costner’s lawyer emphasizes that he has acted in good faith and has done everything possible to facilitate a smooth transition. However, Christine continues to occupy his separate property residence, which she agreed to vacate in 2004 as a condition of their marriage.

The prenuptial agreement was important to Costner as it secured his right to access his separate property residences in the event of a divorce. He had previously experienced a situation where he was unable to live in his own home after a separation. Given the nature of his work, which often requires him to be away, having a home to return to when he is not working was crucial to him.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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