Kevin Durant Humiliates Shaq After Sad Apology

The new Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant recently took a dig at NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal after the NBA legend called Rui Hachimura by the wrong name during an apology to the Lakers forward.



Kevin Durant takes cheeky dig at Shaquille O’ Neal

During Thursday’s episode of his “The Big Podcast,” O’Neal apologized to Hachimura for saying he didn’t know who the 25-year-old Gonzaga product was when the Lakers acquired Hachimura in a trade with the Wizards in January.

“Let me apologize to Rudy Hachimura,” O’Neal said on The Big Podcast. “I didn’t know who he was because I never watch the Bullets play, but he’s a fine role-player. … He’s giving me Rick Fox vibes. Tough, pretty good defender. … So Rudy Hachimura, I apologize I didn’t know who you were, I know you are now and I wish you well, and you’re doing great.”

On Friday, Durant entered the conversation, writing, “Rui*” with an asterisk sign in a quote-tweet that included O’Neal’s apology.

Las Vegas Aces forward and O’Neal’s NBA on TNT co-host, Candace Parker, who was a guest on “The Big Podcast,” appeared confused when he called Rui by the wrong name.

“Wait, say his name?” Parker asked.

When he called him “Rudy” again, O’Neal’s co-host Nischell Turner chimed in:

“It’s Rui, not Rudy.”

Parker added:

“That’s why I wanted him to say it again because I couldn’t tell tell if he was saying ‘Rui’ or ‘Rudy.’”

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