Kevin Nash Appears In Trailer For New Movie, Steve Austin Training With Bodybuilder

Kevin Nash appears in the trailer for The Newest Pledge, a Lionsgate production slated for release on August 28, 2012. In the film, “a hard partying fraternity decides to pledge a baby that they find on their doorstep the morning after their most decadent party of the semester.” Jason Mewes, Mindy Sterling and Andy Milonakis also star.




The film has a second wrestling connection as famous bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn, who has rejected multiple contract offers from top wrestling organizations, appears as a cop. He signed a contract with the World Wrestling Federation in 1994, but was forced to renege due to his contract with American Gladiators. He appeared on WCW Monday Nitro in 2000 as part of a brief cross-promotional feud between WCW and Battle Dome. WCW officials wanted to sign him then, but he was unable to due to his commitments with Battle Dome. John Laurinaitis then had a WWE contract for him on the table in 2003 and 2004. He strongly considered the offer, but ultimately rejected it. Additionally, his ex-wife is former WCW valet Midajah and he appeared on the Hulk Hogan-hosted American Gladiators reboot on NBC. Steve Austin also noted last week via Twitter that he was “on the comeback trail” training alongside O’Hearn.

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