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Kevin Nash Calls Roddy Piper a Deranged Old Fool, Wants To Appear on Piper’s Podcast

– Kevin Nash went on a late night rant against Roddy Piper on Twitter last night. Nash references some tweets Piper supposedly made about him but there are no recent tweets on Piper’s page that have to do with Nash. Nash then mentions Piper’s podcast, so it’s possible Piper mentioned Nash on there. Here’s what Nash wrote:

“Piper is a deranged old fool.He got bitch slapped to the floor.Hulk,Pac,Scott and Eric were in the room.Let it go Rod.Pod cast invite?”

“Not shooting an angle. Have had his tweets sent to me . Can’t take the high road with a bitch.wanted to give respect now deal with me.”

“Hot Rod can have me on his pod cast . It’s that easy.”

“Done talking about HOT ROD will wait for his response. Be an ass hole on my page my team will block you I won’t read it sorry.”

“Love when assholes say it’s the red wine .Anger keeps one awake red wine dulls anger.I heard his podcast, pay the piper?@R_Roddy_Piper”

  • TOmC

    I really don’t understand what you all have against the older/classic wrestlers. Why SHOULDN’T they make a mainstream appearance from time to time? How is this affecting any of your lives negatively in any way shape or form?

  • oppa

    Nash trolling on twitter is nothing new. Nash complaining and talking about things from the 90’s is nothing new. Nash wanting more attention is nothing new. You can say everything he said about Piper to almost any top star over the past 25 years, including him and the rest of the Kliq.

  • JAckh45

    Although I think nash is a waste of space, I agree, Piper is indeed a deranged old fool.
    He needs to stop being put in the public spotlight.